HC Organize Dinner For the Non-Muslim Friends




“ISLAM: THE WAY OF LIFE – Understanding the Meaning & Purpose of Life”
Brother Shah Kirit 
(Dakwah Officer, Islamic Information Services)
26th May 2012
8:00 – 10:30 pm
Palm Terrace
 De Palma Hotel, Ampang
Non-Muslims are most welcomed
Limited to 50 seats only, First Come First Serve, FOC

About Brother Shah Kirit: 
His name perhaps reflects his non-Muslim origin and also his current status as a Muslim. It would not be an exaggeration to claim that Brother Shah (the way he likes to be called) is probably one of the leading and most popular speakers on Comparative Religion and on Islam for non-Muslims, in Malaysia today. As the leading dakwah officer at IIS, he has been delivering talks and giving courses on Comparative Religion for tenyears now. He is also the Da’wah Ambassador at SABA Islamic Media Sdn Bhd, having joined the organization in 1999.
His friendly, sincere, unassuming and always-humble way befits his main purpose in life – to explain Islam to anyone in the most direct and simple way possible, hence making clear Islam’s great message of peace and hopefully making a difference to Peace & Harmony throughout the nation and the world. Simply put, it is something of an impossibility for anyone to dislike Brother Shah, even if one disagrees with his view. Being an avid advocate of truthfulness and fairness, he does not hesitate to correct actions and situations around him, be it among Muslims or non-Muslims.
RSVP Sis ‘Alya: 03-41089668 / 013-3137685

Please sms OYED your name and h/p number eg. OYED STEVEN 017-3667128
Fill in the form for registration :

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2 responses to “HC Organize Dinner For the Non-Muslim Friends

    • InsyaAllah, akan datang pada 17 April ini.
      Sebarang update mengenai program, boleh rujuk facebook.com/hidayah.centre.

      Cik Alya
      Eksekutif Dakwah
      Hidayah Centre HQ

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